Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Another week in paradise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week can only go by days because it went by so fast! I love the gospel.
Monday consisted of going to the mall and it was just a nice day of relaxation. We went over to the Bishops house and played a game with them about testimony. Ive mentioned it in past emails but "The Important Game" It got so heated but right when we pulled out the testimony card, the Spirit swept in. We all bore testimony of what we know and it was just so great. I cant tell you how important your testimony is because everything else happens because you know that its true!
Tuesday we had a day completely full of appointments. We went to the church and I noticed our black box wasn't working. So that put a dent in our day because we aren't allowed to drive without it. Well a little while later we got permission to drive without it. Let me tell you, sweet freedom not having a box yell at you all the time. It poured rained and what did we do? Well we danced in it of course! Went home soaking wet and it was just sucha  tender mercy. 
On Thursday I started my plan. I wanted to cry. It is the post missionary guide that helps us keep the things we have learned and such close to us. I wanted to cry because it doesn't seem real! 
On Friday, we went to see Buck (who also came to church this week!) Well he told us how his neighbors dog died and how distraught she was over it. So we went over to her house two days later to offer support and love. Well we walk in and she invites us to sit down. So we do... and then all of a sudden on the couch across from us...the dead dog is laying there! She acted completely normal and there we are sharing a message about the gospel with a dead dog staring right at us. Easily the weirdest moment of my entire mission. I don't know how her house didn't smell but it was weird. 
Back to Buck.. We had a lesson with him and he wants to be baptized! He said it is going to take a long time because he has to fix a lot of things but the fact that he recognizes that it will change his life is a HUGE step. He is such a good guy.
With that being said the thing that has stuck out the most to me this week is all found in President Monson's talk "See Others as They May Become." We truly do see ourselves for the most part in the terms of yesterday and today, but our Father in Heaven sees us in the exspanses of eternity. When we sees others for what they may become and who they can be, it gives us greater capacity to love them as our brothers and sisters. 
I have a testimony that this statement by President Monson, who is Gods chosen prophet is true. "We need to bear in mind that people can change." How vital it is to realize that not only you can change but they can too!
I love this gospel so much and bear testimony that it is true!  Please go read or watch this talk. It is one of the best.
God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Transfers are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

What a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear everyone!
This week was intense! We got so many new investigators! So I just have to tell you all about it!
We met Juri who is a referral and she just loves Christ. She wants to grow closer to him. After our first visit she told us that she knew we were sent of God at this time to help her in her journey. She has a whole family. We told her about the goal of the temple and how we take certain steps to get there. She told us she wants to go so she will do whatever it takes to get there.
Then there is Nisha who is the girlfriend of a less active we are starting to work with. So we went over to see Heanon, the less active and our member invited Nisha to stay. So she stayed and our member bore the most powerful testimony of the restored gospel and her conversion story. Nisha was crying and said she was so glad she stayed and she wants to hear more.
Then we actually met a man named Joseph Smith and he loves Mormons because of the prophet Joseph Smith. He showed us his facebook and how he is following anything that has to do with Mormons or Joseph. It was awesome and he wants to learn more.
Then there is Buck. We met him as he was sitting outside and first words outta his mouth were "If you wait for me at the doors, I will come to church this Sunday" And guess what? He came to church yesterday! He is the sweetest. Baby steps but he wants to get his life in order. 
This week was just so good. The thing that I learned the most this week was about Charity. When we become strong in the gospel it is our opportunity and RESPONSIBILITY to lift those who are not as strong. This is the pure love of Christ. The biggest blessing ever. I know that Christ wants us to serve others and to help them! 
I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We are commanded to become as He is. Do not procrastinate but start now!
I love being a missionary so much and I know this is His plan!
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
Go watch this video! Kids are so cute!

Pray always,
Sister Jordan