Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dear everyone,
Transfers are upon us!
And I get to stay right where Im at :)
This letter will be short but Hermana Pinargote is getting transferred. I have been called as a trainer so my new companion is on a plane right now to South Carolina. Its crazy.
I seriously can never get my thoughts into words on these things anymore so I think this shall suffice for today.
I am so thankful for the early pioneers who sacrificed so much for the gospel they knew to be true. Im thankful for men and women who were obedient to Gods' commandments and didnt question the why. They knew the truth so they did. I am so thankful for the priesthood authority and the righteous men who hold it. I have had my testimony again strengthened on my knowledge of the calling of my mission president, He is called of God to direct this mission and Im so thankful for him.
Im grateful for my companion who has helped me in so many ways. In every postive way possible she has taught me so much love, patience and humility. Im so thankful for her and the sacrifice she has made to be on a mission again.
I know my Savior lives and know we can always count on Him. I know God loves us so much. Lets return home to Him :)
Please go watch 17 miracles and just cry for awhile :) Feel the Spirit.
God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

Monday, May 18, 2015

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy :)

My dearest loved ones,
Now Im truly starting to see how fast time flies in the mission field. Our lessons were below average for us but we had a great week and South Carolina is just the best.
We were able to have many service opportunities this week. Quite honestly we do not get enough. I love helping people. I think back to all the times my dad wanted help with the yard and I complained while doing it. Yeah... I TAKE IT ALL BACK. I wish I could help him because I love being able to help our here. Its the biggest treat to be able to serve someone. And thats only a glimpse of why Christ loved it so much. 
Ive learned on my mission how much I truly do love hymns. We go once a week to sing to a nursing home and its the greatest. They are all smiling and you can just feel the Spirit so strong. 
On Saturday we attended two baptisms. Parker who is 8 year olds and David who is a convert for the North Charleston Sisters. Both were splendidly beautiful. At the end of David's I had to take a moment because the Spirit overwhelmed me. I regret all the baptisms "I could never make it to" when I was at home. They truly are special. 
Then my favorite day of the week comes around which is Sunday. I just love going to church and feeling the Spirit and being with people. I LOVE THE PEOPLE OF GOOSE CREEK. They are the best. So during Sacrament my companion translates the meeting to Spanish so I sit with my dear friend Grace. She is the funniest little gal. She is 7 years old and loves my sacrament bingo cards. She always sits next to me at church and I love her family dearly. They move to Utah at the beginning of July and Grace told me I cannot leave until she does. Hopefully Heavenly Father feels the same. Anyways, every Sunday I just understand more and more of the importance of church and why we attend. While I love people, it isnt for the social gathering. It's to remember our Lord Jesus Christ. I love the Spirit you feel on Sundays. I think of all the commandments and rules I have as a missionary but keeping the Sabbath Day holy is one of the most basic commandments. Its part of the 10 commandments given by God to Moses. Something really simple that we have been asked to do. We also were able to meet with one of our investigators named Taylor. She is ready to be baptized we are just waiting for her fathers permission. She is such a sweetheart and she just understands the gosple. Sundays are my favorite. Handsdown. 
That's about all I have to say this week! We get to go to Irmo this Friday so being able to have a 4 hour drive will be way nice. And then we have transfer calls this weekend :)
My invitation to you all this week is to read, listen or watch the talk given by Elder Russell M Nelson in the April 2016 General Conference about the Sabbath day. Feel the Spirit.
God Be With You Until We Meet Again

And a picture of one of the many critters I caught this week :)
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day skype !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother's Day :)

Hello dear loved ones,
This has been one of my favorite weeks in the mission. It may or may not have to do with the fact that I got to skype my amazing parents and call my beautiful grandmother but I will get to that.
This week we had a zone meeting which was really good. I always get to see familiar faces and chat with them. We talked much about how to plan more effectively and things we should be doing better in the mission. I took  so much to heart and am trying to be the missionary Heavenly Father wants me to be.
Every week we get to go to a nursing home and sing. I love it. Its so much fun to make the elderly smile and be happy. We also picked up a former. She is the mother of 8 kids and her oldest wants to get baptized. We have put her on date and are very excited to teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings that are headed her way. 
Church yesterday was amazing. Sundays are my favorite days of the week. It seriously is the spiritual feeding I need. Hermana Pinargote and I were privileged with the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting. I loved it! I just got to talk about the sacred calling motherhood is and then my amazing mom. It was so great!
We saved the best part for last. We got to skype our families last night! It was the best. Just the voice of my parents was enough. I of course cried and soaked it all up. I have the best parents in the entire world. I also got to call my grandma and it was so good to hear her sweet voice and tell her how much I love her. She is awesome. Having moments like those make you truly grateful for what you have. It gave me the boost I needed and now Im more ready to work than ever.
Life is so good and too short to take for granted. I want you all to tell your family (whoever it may be) and tell them how much you love them. I dont care if you just did it. Do it again because they need to hear it. 
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

Monday, May 4, 2015

Birthday Girl................

The Spirit Is Real

Dear Family and Friends,
This week went by so fast. Summer is definitely here. My poor legs are evidence of the mosquitoes. Ive never had more bug bites in my life than now. I look like I have the chicken pox. Whatever it takes to get the Lords work done :) I dont think I had any super interesting stories to tell this week. It was pretty normal but very spiritual.
We are halfway through this transfer. I cant even believe that. It feels like  just got Hermana Pinargote as my companion. The work definitely makes time go by fast. We had a breakthrough with our less active Tristalee. Being prompted by the Spirit I pushed her until she cracked. I knew that the Spirit had touched her because of the tears she shed. When we were leaving, she told me "Very few people can get me to cry Sister Jordan, so good job." I told her it was the Spirit. And thats the truth. The Spirit touches all of our hearts in the way we need.
We were able to teach Olivia. My heart break for that girl. She is 11 and I cant imagine what people her age face in school today. I just want to cry for her because of the home she grew up in. Its never fair when parents dont raise children correctly. I love teaching Olivia so much. 
Also Brother Buckingham came to church yesterday. It is baby steps with him. I have never in my life had a more powerful testimony meeting in my life. I pray he felt the way I did. He left but with tears filled in his eyes. I know he knows its true.
I have a testimony of the Spirit. It testifies of that which is true. I know we can receive all answers from above through the Spirit.
I love being here. There is so much work to be done. There are so many people who need the gospel and I just want to give it to them. 
My invitation to you all this week is to seek out someone who is struggling and help them. Its that simple. I love you all, and God Be With You Until We Meet Again.  
P.S. I got to go to a birthday party, Here is my birthday girl! :)
Pray always,
Sister Jordan