Monday, September 28, 2015

Goodbye Goose Creek

Dear everyone,
So this week was the most perfect last week in Goose Creek I have had. Its been full of so many good things. With that being said, I received a call Friday morning that I will be transferring and with the assignment of a Sister Training Leader. You will know where next email. I am honored to have been called to this assignment by the Lord. I am excited to work more with the other sisters of my mission. I love Goose Creek and it was the best place to serve the first half of my mission.
This week we went to this apartment complex to see some leads and we parked. Sister Laker was on the phone and I had this urgent feeling to "Get Out" so I looked at her and we left. So I pull into parking lot and we still have an hour so we are sitting there thinking of where we need to be. A name came to my mind, and then Sister Laker looked up and said "Jasmine" Thats the same name that came to my mind. We nodded and started to her house. The second we nodded we both got an overwhelming feeling "You need to be there NOW" so I stepped on it, and we arrived. Knocked and she let us in and it was a totally normal meeting. Nothing out of the ordinary but a way interesting experience. We need to listen to the Holy Ghost.
Then the week went on, way busy preparing for the Cousins baptism. When Saturday came around it was the most beautiful thing and they loved it. Sister Laker and I sung and it was just so perfect. Baptisms with kids are my favorite because they just get it. They dont need proof of anything, they have such Christlike faith. Baptism and confirmations for these 4 kiddos were perfect and it was a great way to end my time here in Goose Creek. The kids I have worked with are loves of my life. 
And I have had the best district ever whom I am going to miss so much!
There is so much work to be done in this world to bring people unto Christ. Reach out and tell them!
I know this gospel is true with all my being. Jesus is the Christ and God is our Father. His gospel has been restored. I know it can changes lives. 
Take the time this upcoming weekend to listen to our living prophet. At this website you can watch it live. 
I love you all and life is always changing so go with the flow :) God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

Monday, September 21, 2015

End of transer ! :) The Loves of my Life !!!!!!

Dear everyone!
This week was so full! There really wasn't a dull moment or a moment to rest but that's okay! So this email will be full throttle so hang on. :)
Okay so it was a normal beginning of the week. We had a great family home evening lesson on the tree of life at the Rahns house with the Cousin family. The kids loved it and then we had pumpkin bread! The time for pumpkin flavored everything is coming! Im so excited because I am your typical white girl who loves pumpkin spice! Bring it! That went terrific! 
Lets go over day by day. Tuesday comes around and we went to see our friend in a nursing home who we read to weekly. Well we come for our appointment and he's sleeping in his room. No big deal. Well we go proselyte for an hour and placed a Book of Mormon in the home of an atheist who was very kind. We go back to the nursing home to see him and we have been informed that he changed bedrooms. So really when we went in to see him, we were in the wrong room. Super awkward. We ended up reading for him and he gave us cookies. Wednesday comes around and we were going to do some gardening and yard work for Liz (the Cousins mom). That went well and a huge trial of our faith slapped us in the face because now all of a sudden that day, two of the kids arent getting baptized. WHAT. Okay so we evaluated the situation and got everything said and done (longer and more confidential story) and all the kids are still on date for the 26th. WHEW! Then that night we met with some former's and they became two new investigators and agreed to meet with us again.
Thursday pretty normal day.
FRIDAY! was Zone Conference! It was so good. We have been informed that coming December Zone Conference 2015 the mission will get the dreadful black boxes that monitor our driving. Im in SO much trouble. Elder Nolan told us that we have to have our seat belt on before we even start the engine otherwise 6 seconds to do so and we will get a ding. Seriously?! Old habits die hard and I have counted how many times since Friday that I would have got dinged and Im up to around 27. You get your driving privileges revoked at 3. HA bring it on black box! But the actual Zone Conference was SO good. The Zone I have is just so unified and I just love when we get to hear from our Mission President. He truly is called of God. 
Saturday comes and goes but we had a lesson with Olivia and she taught us about the Young Womens theme. I recited that every Sunday so long ago. But such inspired words. She is the best and Im going to miss her when my time comes to leave Goose Creek.
Okay Sundays are still my favorite day of the entire week because I love going to church and seeing our ward and just hugging every one. It was great, I taught Sunday school again and just perfect! The Sabbath truly is a delight. We had dinner at the Manning's with the Becks and the Smiths. I love them all so much and we shared a very powerful Restoration. We gave the Cousins a mock interview for baptism. The innocence of children is remarkable. While with one of the twins last night I almost started crying because they are so precious to Heavenly Father. Ive felt so much over powering love this week for these people. I never understand how I can love them more and then I do.
I have a testimony of this gospel. Its true. Its real. Its life changing. I testify of the power of the Atonement. I testify of the power of prayer. Both of which I have experienced this week. 
Start now dear friends to prepare for General Conference! Here's a link to help. I cant wait! :)
God Be With You Until We Meet Again.
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

Monday, September 14, 2015

Life is Good................

Dearest everyone,
Okay so this week is a crazy one. I just dont even know where the time goes anymore but Ive got some interesting experiences to share this week and I hope that you enjoy them but recognized the Spirit as well!
So on week 4 of this crazily, fast moving, spiritual, life enriching transfer here in the South, we have faced another week of everything. We found our selves in what I legitimately thought was a hurricane. We were driving home and Ive never seen such rain in my life! It was crazy. But for us fun, because we have never experienced it so it gave us new adventures. Because of that rain storm, the next morning it was frogs and toads galore. So I didnt exactly get my 2 miles of running in because I was too busy with the critters. Oops. :) Good times. 
2 hilarious stories for me this week. You may not find them funny but on my end they were knee slappers. First, I was proposed to 7 times in 15 minutes and the guy was completely serious. I respectfully declined. I cant even express the entire story but the main point of the conversation goes like this:
Carlton: You try to convert me?
Sister Jordan: Yes and we brought you a Book of Mormon this time.
Carlton: I make you deal. I divorce my wife, you marry me, then I convert. How about that?
Sister Jordan: ......Um. No.
So much more to how that lesson went but it was hilarious after we left.
Second, funny moment of the week was when Sister Laker and I were going to see a potential. We get up to his door and I notice again the huge Banana spider still hanging above our heads. The potential wasnt home so we went back to the car. Sister Laker asks why the spider was still there. I tell her that no one would every try to take it down because they would lose. Then she says "Yeah its called nature! Where's the bird to eat it and kill it." And I tell her "No bird in there right mind would try because they would lose too" We laughed and laughed.
After Ive written in down, you had to be there to understand how funny it was. :)
BUT now for the spiritual business.
The Cousin kids are going to be baptized on September 26 and we couldnt be more excited. Neither could they! Every ounce of our energy and time is going to that family. We pray that the dad will see how he needs to lead his kids and to not push them from behind and then never cross the finish line with them. 
This entire week to me has been a plethora on the Addiction Recovery Program. This is not something that you just go to and are guided by man's intelligence and knowledge of how to change. But it is an inspired program of the Lord and is all focused on overcoming problems through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Then in Relief Society yesterday, the teacher for the class here in Charleston talked about how it can help those struggling with problems in their marriage. Because of the steps taken it can help with anything and I have seen it. I know the power of the Atonement. We are helpless without it.
The Church has released videos of those that had faced addictions and used the ARP program to help them. I invite you all to start watching the videos and think about something you may be struggling with and start applying the steps. Also there are classes every where and you can easily find them at 
I know the gospel is true. It changes lives for the better. Ive seen it. I testify this is all the work of Jesus Christ.
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
I love you!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Baptism in the Creek !

Dear everyone!
This week was so good! Let's be real. Busy and so worth it. 
OLIVIA GOT BAPTIZED! After years of meeting with the missionaries, she finally got baptized. It was such a good day! She couldn't stop smiling. We couldn't stop hugging. And it was just so perfect. Really I don't even want to talk about anything else except how she was baptized. I am very sure she is the very reason Heavenly Father kept me in this area for so long; to witness her baptism. You'll hear a little more about that but I do actually wish to include other items of my week.
Okay so we had a Zone Training this week and it was the most spiritual one I've ever had on my mission. We talked about how in this work we need to "serve Him with all our heart, might, MIND, and strength." It was great because Heavenly Father knew that is what I needed. Great reminder to give it all to Him. Well then we talked about our Zone goal. A general goal we try to hit monthly as a zone is 12 but we all fell impressed to set a specific goal of 13. So we knelt in prayer as a zone and set this goal with Heavenly Fathers stamp of approval. Then it was the cherry on top when Olivia was baptized the next day and was the first to put the goal into motion. So many impressions and so much love from my Father in Heaven. We also talked to the Elders and we all felt impressed that the Cousin family will be baptized this month and we talked about the 26th. Well their mom agreed it was the perfect date! So after we talk to the kids on Tuesday, they will be on date for the end of the month and we are just too excited.
Otherwise my week was very normal. We are half way through the transfer and I can't believe how fast it's going. I'm so ready for general conference. I've thought a plethora of the priesthood this week and I'm so grateful to have a living prophet to lead and guide us. Such a blessing.
My invitation to all is to go back to Aprils conference and re read talks and start preparing now to hear the messages that are prepared for US. I cannot wait!
The mission is great and I just love being a servant of Christ.
Enjoy the photo of the greatest day ever.
"Sister Jordan, it's like ET" "Olivia, you just became my best friend because you know what ET is."
Pray always,
Sister Jordan