Monday, April 13, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Dont fear because of the title. My real mom is safe in Reno, and Im not having a child. It is mission slang! So my trainer (mom)  Sister Regen goes home on Wednesday and because I am her last companion, it means Im the one that "kills my mom." Also I am becoming a mom because I got a phone call from my mission President Friday night asking me to be a trainer! I get to train a fresh missionary right out of the MTC! Im so excited! :) 
SO. That means that this week is transfers! I get to stay here in Goose Creek for at least 2 more transfers! Which is great because I love it here and dont want to leave the people. I have to say goodbye to my dear, sweet companion Sister Regen. She is the greatest trainer anyone could have asked for. I cant wait to see what she will do in Utah.
So last week, we went to the Ocean! It was beautiful! The sand is so pretty but I think I like the Pacific ocean better...
This week we were able to do service! Heavenly Father is a God who answers prayers. I live on the second floor and the family above us is very noisy. If you knew me in college, you'll know that noise above me is one of the most annoying things ever so living here has been super humbling! Well I prayed to Heavenly Father to please present me with an opportunity to serve them so I can love them. Literally the next day, we go to grab something from the car and they ask for help moving in. We spent about an hour helping them and it helped me to see that they are children of God as well. I dont get annoyed with the noise anymore. God answers prayers!
We had our investigator Randall come to the Book of Mormon class. He liked it a lot which makes me so happy! 
Yesterday was the most spiritual church meeting Ive ever been to in my life. The Spirit was so strong. We had 3 less actives come and one of them cried! It was so good and Heavenly Father again taught me how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is in every aspect of our lives. I love my Savior so much!
Also Southerns do have a hospitality with food. Like every single day this week we had two dinners. GAH! 
My invitation to you all this week, is to specifically look at someone you go to school with, work with or usually associate with and serve them. Pray for opportunities from your Father in Heaven and He will give them to you. When the opportunity presents itself, DO IT! I promise you will have a founder love for them than before.
I love you all and God Be With You Until We Meet Again! :) 
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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