Monday, April 20, 2015

Hola! Como te llamas?

Familia y Amigos!
Hi! So a plethora of things have happened since last email. On Monday night after I emailed everyone that I was going to be a trainer, President Turner called and informed me I would be doing a different training. SO. My new companion is Hermana Pinargote. She served 4 months in Peru and then had to leave for medical reasons and then got reassigned to this beautiful mission. President told me he wanted me to be her companion because 1) my area has a ton of Spanish speaking people and 2) because he trusts me. I can barely tie my shoelaces in the morning and he trusts me? Haha just kidding but I have been blessed to be able to train a spanish sister in Goose Creek. She didnt need new training because she already knew what a mission was like, she just needed training on the South. And I have been blessed to be the sister who gets to do that.
HOWEVER. With that comes with a new language. My assigned mission language is english but we can now teach in spanish. SO IM LEARNING SPANISH!  Again, Heavenly Father has a ton of trust in me to learn a language because Im lucky if I can speak English half the time. 
This new companionship has brought miracles. We have had so many new investigators this week because we have been able to meet Spanish families. They are super humble already so its really easy to teach them.
Though I dont understand most of what is said, I feel the Spirit. Thats how you know the gospel is true. 
I love South Carolina so much. I wouldnt want to serve my mission any where else. I love the people and have been so blessed. 
I know this is a short email but I just wanted to highlight the fact that I love my new companion and its going to be great to come home and speak Spanish. (HA) Im trying :)
My invitation to you all this week is to focus on the tender mercies. Look for one tender mercy each day. Something that makes you happy. Like this puppy for example :)
I love you all and God Be With You Until We Meet Again.
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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