Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello wonderful world!
Another email from the splendid city of Goose Creek. A plethora of things have gone on this week. Two things I mainly want to touch on. First off, for those of you who havent heard (I heard it made national news), there was a shooting in downtown Charleston. This was one of the biggest talks about the week because no matter what faith or religion people were, they all came together and mourned with these families who lost their loved ones. People of all faiths gathered this week to pray. I didnt get to witness it, but I heard it was so beautiful. Tracting was different this week because of this incident because most everyone we knocked in to wanted to pray and feel closer to God in this time of sorrow. Very humbling viewpoint of a missionary.
The second thing this week is we had Zone Conference. Amazing experience! We had a whole training on health because our mission president doesnt like how missionaries go home a whole 30-40 pounds heavier than when we got to the mission field. Then we had a whole afternoon based on how Faith is a power. Miracles can happen. 
The inspiration I received from that conference is so dear. We can make things happen according to our faith. We have definitely seen the trials that come with faith but its so worth it. 
I say follow the spirit because we need to. Yesterday we went to see a lead. There was 6 cars around their house so we went decided to swing by later. The spirit prompted both of us to go back now. But we both said we will later. We went down the street and visited a less active for 10 minutes. Finally neither one of could ignore the prompting anymore so go back so we did. We knocked and asked for the lead and her husband (who answered the door) said she left 5 minutes before we came. If we had knocked at that door and followed the Spirit, we would have caught her. Therefore, follow the Spirit of God.
That's all the time for today! So my invitation for you is to visit someone you know has faced a challenge lately and help them or mourn with them. God Be With You Until we Meet Again :)
Here's some cute sister missionaries :)
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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