Monday, June 29, 2015

All in the Lord's time

Dear loved ones!
All I have to say about this week is how everything we did was timed so perfectly because of the Lord's direction in this work. 
Because of our talks of faith at Zone conference last week, Sister Reinhart and I have definitely tried to implement more faith in our work. Well the pattern that we talked about at Conference is very much prevalent in Goose Creek. We are at the step of tribulation to say the least. But Ive never found myself more happy to serve than when hard things happen.
We finally got in contact with one of our investigators Jasmine. She is in the military and has had so many issues throughout her life and she says we bring light in all her darkness. I love her so much and want to teach her how she can combat that darkness. I learned because of Jasmine that I really do love people too easily. It can be a strength but as well of a weakness. BUT Im seeing it as strength :)
Our two young boys whom I have been teaching with three different companions are finally getting baptized on the 11 of July. Im so excited because Ive been working with them since the beginning of my mission. 
The biggest tender mercy we saw this week of being in the right spot at the right time was on Friday. We went to a trailer park to see our 3 o clock appointment whose name is Paris who wasnt there. So we were super bummed because we have been waiting a month to meet this woman. Well we went to our back up which was about a half a mile away and parked. I looked at Sister Reinhart and we both knew we were supposed to jump to our 4 oclock plans and go back to the trailer park. We went an saw a gal named Amanda who was a referral whose conversation lasted approximately 2 minutes. We turned around and Paris had just pulled into driveway. We ran to her and she was so excited to meet with us and then she realized she forgot her keys and was locked out. She told us she has to reschedule and that she cant wait. So now we are meeting with her Thursday. If we didnt listen to the Holy Ghost to be where Heavenly Father intended us to be, we would have missed that two minute gap for Paris. 
I know He watches over His missionaries.
I have to give a shout out again to my old man back at home! My dad read the Book of Mormon with me right after I was baptized. We read it from cover to cover and from that early age in my life, I knew the Book of Mormon was true. I thought of that this morning and I read from those precious pages. Im so grateful for my dad taking the time to help cultivate my testimony. Because I have one.
And since I cant leave my amazing mother hanging, I want you all to know how grateful I am to have a mother who supports me being on a mission. There has been some heart wrenching moments in our family lately and my mom is a trooper. She gives me the constant love and support every person should have and I can never repay my Father in Heaven for giving me her as my mom.
I know families are forever. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know Heavenly Father has given me this privilege in being His instrument. I testify being on a mission is where the Lord wants me.
I love you all! And my invitation this week is to watch this Mormon Message. Its my absolute favorite :) God Be With You Until You Meet Again.

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