Monday, June 15, 2015

I done did the cliche missionary thing.....

Hello everyone!
Well, my hair is my pride and my glory and I chopped it off. NOT TOO SHORT. But its gone. About 5-6 inches. And then my gorgeous companion who just shines as a daughter of God.
This week has been insane! This week was the works. All the way from sweat to blood to tears to sleep and  THEN teaching while drenched in all of that. No biggy.
We did go on exchanges and I got to spend the day in Summerville where I rode a bike. That was fun. I dont know how sisters do it because my skirt did not stay down. But the appointment we rode to was a miracle. The man we saw is one trying to gain back his testimony. He got into some very Anti- Mormon material years ago and is struggling with knowing that Joseph Smith is a prophet. The Spirit was so strong in that appointment and I just felt such love from Heavenly Father. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. 
We have had several new investigators this week. One of which is a gal who lost her parents at a young age and had been looking for a sign. We showed up at her door that day and she welcomed us in with open arms. We shared with her about the Restored gospel and about Joseph Smith and we cant wait to teach her the Plan of Salvation. She felt the Spirit and loves the gospel. 
One thing Ive noticed this week is how many different tactics Satan has to get a hold of us. We may be doing something completely righteous but Satan will somehow but a twist on it that makes it difficult to keep going. Pride is one of those things that Satan definitely attacks us with. 
In the mission I have this baptist preacher of a friend and I want you to know how much we get a long. He finally accepted a return appointment to read from the Book of Mormon. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THIS SINCE JANUARY. It only took 5 months but hey the time may be right. We totally knew each other in the life. But he is awesome. 
Because of certain circumstances Ive seen this week. Please take the time to watch this video whether of not youre married. Marriage is of God and is something we need to take seriously. I have such a testimony about family. I know this because I have such wonderful parents and one day, to have my own family. I am so grateful for this in my life. Heavenly Father is with you every step of the way and wants you to keep going if you are struggling. Do not lose hope. 
This is probably one of the most scattered brained emails Ive sent. But I want you to know that I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know families are eternal and marriages are so important to God's plan. Take care of your family and do not neglect them. 
I love you all and God Be With You Until We Meet Again.

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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