Monday, July 6, 2015

Dearest loved ones,
In other news, so much has happened this week. I don't even know where
to start so I will start with the fun stuff and get to the spiritual
events in a little bit. So as we are all aware, I love critters. Well
Sister Reinhart and I found this pond that had a plethora of turtles.
Turtles do not like people ( just like every other wild animal.) Well
I may or may not have decided to catch one by reaching into the pond.
I will go on without details but I caught a turtle and I t was another
grumpy old turtle who bit me. Cool experience. Picture to prove it.
In further news, transfers are upon us again! And guess what?! I'm
staying in Goose Creek again! But my sweet companion is leaving!
Kinda. She is getting transferred to the Charleston YSA ward. She will
still live in the same apartment as me (because the current YSA
sisters live with us) and they will be in a three pack. Sister
Reinhart will finish her training with them. I will get a new
companion and will be training once again! It is not normal to have as
many companions as I have so early on in my mission. But, it's
Heavenly Fathers work and if this is how He wants it so be it. It'll
be a very interesting experience and I'm looking forward to it :)
Faith is power. I think I talked a lot on faith last week but it's
true. We have seen it in our mission just in this week alone. We met a
former and have put him on date for the 25 of July. He will be
baptized on that date and the lessons we had with him were miracles of
our work and faith in this area. With faith in our Savior Jesus
Christ, we can do anything.
President Packer has passed away this last week. You know the Lord has
something planned when the two most senior apostles have just passed
away. My heart is constantly with the First Presidency and the Quorum
of the Twelve. I know they are called of God and I testify President
Monson is the Prophet of these days. I'm grateful to have a loving God
to provide us direction in these latter days.
The most spiritual thing that happened this week was when we met with
a man named Dominic. He is older and was born with schizophrenia. We
talked with him and I felt an over powering feeling of how much God
loves this child of His. I, without a sliver of doubt knows God loves
each of His children perfectly. We will never be able to comprehend
the magnitude of His love. The most special part is that His love will
never fail us.
At Damien and Aidins baptism this Saturday Sister Reinhart and I are
singing. I'm so happy they are finally entering the waters of baptism.
It's going to be a splendid Saturday.
I have such a love for the leaders of the church that this week I want
you to take the time (20 minutes) and listen to the last talk that
President Boyd K Packer gave in General Conference. I know he is an
apostle of the Lord. The things he testifies of is truth. Please watch
it. You will feel the spirit :) I love you all and till next week God
Be With You Until We Meet Again.
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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