Monday, July 13, 2015

Hello everyone!
My this has been a crazy, stressful, joyous, beautiful week! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED SINCE MY LAST EMAIL. So we had transfers and my new companion is Sister Laker who is from Washington! We get along great! She is very quiet but has a burning testimony. I'm grateful to have yet another companion to serve with here in the city of Goose Creek. 
Damien and Aidin got baptized! It was great and Sister Reinhart and I sung. I don't know if I said last week but she got transferred to the YSA branch so we still live in the same apartment just different companionships. But we sung and the whole night was just beautiful. I've been working with these two boys since February and to see them finally get baptized to to still be here to witness it was amazing. They got confirmed yesterday as well and boy was I panicking. They were late to church and I'm sitting on the stand ( because I was conducting the music) praying to see them walk through the doors. And then they come in. Yay! Again such a beautiful weekend.
Then the miracles did not cease! We went to see a former who told us of all the family problems he has faced since we met last. Little to say we put him on date and he's ready to be baptized. We are meeting with him and another investigator tonight. We are so excited and I can hardly contain myself for the things that will be happening over the next month. 
I don't even see where all the time is going. It's ridiculous.
Well it's a short email but that pretty much all that's on my mind is that they finally got baptized. 
But really quick, if anyone followed my Instagram they would remember last year I did a 100 happy days challenge. Well now I'm doing a 100 days of gratitude. But it's more than just something I'm grateful for. They are soul searching questions of why I'm grateful for certain things. So my invitation to you this week is to pay close attention to how you felt Jesus Christ in your life. Not just "He's everything" while He is but really think of why He is everything.
Because of Him, I Know this gospel is true.
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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