Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello dear loved ones!
So this week flew by in the snap of a finger. I can't believe it's already Monday and that I have less than a year until I return. It's crazy to think that I've been out so short of a time but it seems like forever. It's because time flies when you're having fun and when your doing to work of the Lord.
Okay so this week's funny story. We were up in Summerville going to see some leads and I told Sister Laker that we could walk there because I knew which house it was... Right because I totally know where we need to be. Yeah... We got there and I couldn't remember which house it was. Leave it to me to have my dear companion walk a half a mile to tell her we had to go back. Okay now the funny part. On the way back we decided to marvel and the Lords beauty. We were on this bridge with trees and both of us thought it would be way sweet to explore in those woods. We didn't go exploring but we went to the edge of the bridge and looked into the trees and admired the beauty. Mind you, my companion is terrified of spiders. Well we looked over and Spider-Man visited that bridge because our face were next to this huge web. The spider looked legit. Well we go on our merry way and find another huge web with an even bigger spider on it. I had to take a picture of this one right? So I get close to snap one and it totally starts crawling at me. I was done and we left the bridge. 
So this week on the spiritual aspect. There's too much to even cover anymore. We had so many lessons. It kills you to see all these people who have dealt with rape, incest and other issues. You try to share the gospel with them and they struggle to think that Heavenly Father cares about His children. But I know that promised blessings await those who have faith and try. 
This week we got caught in the biggest rainstorm I've seen but it was worth it because of the lesson we came out of. We received a referral from Salt Lake to see a woman who requested a bible. We were able to meet with her and had such a good meeting and introduced the Book of Mormon and it was great. She told us how she was so excited to read it and couldn't wait until we met next. She texted us that night saying there was no further need to meet because she doesn't believe Joseph Smith was a prophet. My heart was torn. Something I have a testimony so strongly on thrown on the ground by someone else. But it was a moment in time that strengthened even more my testimony that Joseph Smith is indeed a prophet of God. He was called just as Abraham or Moses of old and was given that same authority. I know God is unchanging. He will always have a prophet to lead and guide us in these latter days. I'm so grateful for that knowledge. Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Alpha and Omega. He is prophet of our Master. He is called by God. I know this to be true.
Take the time this week to think of a question you really want to know. And start praying to receive an answer. Then act. I love you all! God Be With You Until We Meet Again
Smallest lizard ever!
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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