Monday, February 1, 2016

Another 7 weeks in Hopkins! :)

Its crazy to see that Ive been here in Hopkins for 4 months now and I get to spend another transfer here. Sister Simpson will remain my companion! Yay! She is the first companion that I have had that for more than 2 transfers! We have another 7 week transfer so it is gonna be so much fun! We are losing pretty much the majority of our sisters this transfer so we get to start fresh. Real fresh because they are transferring the two sisters we live with and we are getting two new sisters. 
We also had our Zone Conference with Elder Nielson of the Seventy! He is awesome! The meeting was just so good and we sung at it and it was just great! We also had a special MLC with him. After that meeting, I cant even express the magnified love I have for President and Sister Turner. They are amazing and I needed them at this time in my life. I wasn't called to South Carolina but I was called to be under the direction of the Turners. Such a blessing! During Zone Conference, we talked about the Redeeming Power and Enabling Power of the Atonement. It was awesome because most people know that Christ redeems us but there is so much more to the enabling part that consists of daily obedience. I found where my bridge wasn't connecting and I have now found myself understanding a little more of the enabling power.
This week had so much going on. We had our last exchange for the transfer and so many lessons learned this week. I learned again that we need to give people the benefit of the doubt. There was a lady that I met at the beginning of this area and she was very rude and just not nice. Well we felt last week that we needed to see them. I was too excited about it because of the past experience but we went. She was so nice! We had such a good visit and we just laughed. She is such a grandma and it was great. So lesson one of the week: Give people the benefit of the doubt no matter what. Next we went to see Sister Hopson who we have been trying to get to come back to church and to invite her grand kids. Well we were getting to know her better and there was such a powerful spirit in the room as she was expressing gratitude for the Savior. There was so much silence and we were taught so much. We went to Fort Jackson and it was a great day. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to serve on Fort Jackson. Teaching soldiers and being able to be bold and just invite is so awesome!
I cant remember is I told you this weeks ago but something Sister Simpson and I focused on this transfer was changing our nature through Christ. We all chose a Christlike attribute to focus on and work towards. Mine was virtue. I learned  a  plethora of becoming a more virtuous person. The cherry on top of it all was when I got a priesthood blessing yesterday. He had no idea of my intentions of being more virtuous. Before my blessing, he said something concerning virtue that was an answer to my prayer. I'm so grateful for priesthood leaders.
My testimony this week is this. Repentance is real. Being virtuous contains the willingness to change through repentance and the Atonement. Making an conscious effort to use the Atonement daily changes you. I love my Savior and this is His gospel.
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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