Monday, February 16, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
My my, how time flies when you are doing the Lords work. It doesn't even feel like another week has come again. There really haven't been any funny moments this week other than when I caught a lizard! They aren't even called lizards down here! They are called Skenks. They have the body of a lizard and the head of a snake. Two awesome things in one critter. I love critters and cant wait until it gets warmer to get my hands on more. 
Now to the work. This week was incredibly difficult. No one was home and so many people canceled there appointments with us. It gets so discouraging but Ive learned that your faith is truly weakened when you allow discouragement to stay. Luckily, I have Sister Regen who is over the top optimistic and it rubs off on me. We went forward and saw so many tender mercies. One of the days that we were getting discouraged, we were able to meet a referral named Ashley. She requested a Book of Mormon which is the keystone of our religion. So its amazing that we can teach her about such a powerful book, that through the Spirit of God, changes lives. 
All of the people we are preparing to be baptized have fallen off date. But its comforting to know that all things happen in the Lord's time. 
Our district leader told us that the only time we should be disappointed in how many lessons we taught or the things we did throughout the week is when we have given up. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP. Being able to teach people that only Jesus Christ we can live with God again, is a blessing in itself. 
I apologize this letter is short this week but I love this gospel. While my area is in South Carolina and this is my area to preach the gospel. I invite all of you to learn more of why I am here teaching. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings blessings that are unfathomable. I know my Savior lives and I know that it is through His plan and our Faith in Him that we can be with Him again. 
I love you all and pray that in whatever challenges you face, you will turn to your Creator and ask for help.
PS. Have you ever seen a Sister missionary so happy to wash a car in a skirt?
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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