Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello my dear family and friends! I cant believe Im already emailing you again. This last week has gone by so incredibly fast. So my second week in South Carolina had been a lesson learned filled week. First off, I have a new hatred for football. GASP did I just say that?! Lets just say the superbowl last night made our teaching opportunities to a maximum of about 1. It was a lesson of patience and faith that the Lord would lead us to someone NOT watching the superbowl giving us the chance to teach His truth. That was definitely a lesson learned. Football and I not on the same page right now. The weather is rainy and humid. AGAIN NO ONE TOLD ME HUMIDITY MAKES YOU COLD. It doesn't even matter what Im wearing because I always have acoat on. Ive even borrowed my companions coat for the sakes of being warm. Oh well, a lesson to be learned in humility that at least I have clothes to wear right?!  Some one of the funny things that had happened this week... For all of you that don't know, lizards love me. Im like a lizard whisperer, I can hear them from miles away. Just kidding but for real Im a genius at being able to see lizards and catch them. So we went to this one house and Heavenly Father seriously blinded me from seeing the lizard. I heard movement and it was gone. Heavenly Father made it so I wasn't distracted. Lesson learned. What lesson? Not sure yet but I still want to catch a lizard. My companion and I also heard a story (Ill share after my mission) but super funny and now when things happen we just look at each other and say "I am Buckingham palace" and we just start laughing because no one gets it.
Okay on to serious stuff of why Im here, more of what Im doing that wonderful experiences that have happened.
As stated in the scriptures, "The field is white, already to harvest." Ive never taken into account what this scripture means but being on the mission you learn that there are people out there ready to receive the gospel. Ive learned this week how the Lord has prepared me to be here at this time and in this place to teach the people of South Carolina. Ive seen how he has been preparing the hearts of these people to receive the gospel. But my, how there is so much work to be done.
We taught a middle aged woman this week who was so ready to receive the fullness of the gospel. She loves Jesus Christ so much and wants so badly to live with Him again. We taught her about the Restoration and she accepted to be baptized. If there is one thing Ive learned, its that we as missionaries don't convert people. We teach truth and then the Holy Ghost converts the hearts of men. The Holy Ghost is such a vital part to missionary work. He teaches what is really good and how people can know that the message we teach is true.
My dear companion and trainer is such an example. She has really shown me through her actions the kind of missionary I want to be. Sister Regen is so patient with me. She has taught me so much of how to connect everything I do to my investigators. She asked me the questions yesterday, "When your mission is over, what kind of missionary do you hope to see yourself as?" I answered, "A missionary that Heavenly Father is proud of." That's what I want out of my mission experience.
I always joked at home that I was called to FHE coordinator for two years by 4 different bishops but now I can truly see how much it prepared me for the work I am doing. The work is here and I am more than willing to do this work. The Lord has softened my heart from being here in the mission. I love this work so much. God be With you Until we Meet again.
Sister Jordan
My time is up and other missionaries are waiting so Ill send pictures next week!!! I love you all :)
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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