Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello my dear family and friends!
I cant believe Im emailing already. Another week gone and so much work to be done! I think about you all often and know that you are in my prayers. I hope life is treating you kindly and if its hard, remember to look up and know that your Heavenly Father loves you SO much!
Okay so Week 5 in South Carolina... ( WHAT ) I cant believe Ive only been here 5 weeks. Its crazy. So this week is another one for the books. Faced another cockroach but Im alive... the febreeze bottle not so much... BUT we are okay on this end. My lovely companion sat there and laughed at me. I am petrified for the day when and if I ever face a cockroach that flies. Lets hope it never comes.
A side note that I never told you all. A good part of my area is the North Charleston weapons Station which a nuclear base. We are not allowed to proselyte on base. But basically most of the people we ever teach (members and non members) are geniuses. I feel like I cant even spell the word fish in front of them without messing up. But its amazing! 
Such a spiritual week! First we got a referral for a woman named Maryann. She is hilarious. We taught her with a member named Courtney who is such a good member missionary. We met these two on Tuesday. Well next we went on exchanges on Wednesday. I was blessed to serve for a day with Sister Burbank in Summerville. We then picked up a member who wanted to come out with us, turned out it was Courtney that I only met the day before! Tender mercy! I cant even describe the experience. I learned so many things that can help my area of Goose Creek. Sister Regen and I came back together and sought to do better and change some of the approaches we were making. Overall, amazing spiritual experience. We cannot wait to further teach Maryann with the help of Courtney.
We have been teaching Robin. I don't remember if I ever mentioned her but I love her so much. She meets with us once a week. Her husband died of cancer on Thanksgiving. so clearly she has had a rough life the past few months. But goodness she has such a faith in Jesus Christ and its amazing. She loves hearing about the gospel but is taking it slow. I have so much hope for her. I love teaching her and she strengthens my testimony every time we meet.
There is still so much work to do in South Carolina. I wish I had enough time to tell you all the details of my week because SO much happens. Good thing I take pictures of everything and write the details in my journal. I want you all to know this email, that God loves each one of you so much. He knows each one of you by name and is aware of everything you are going through. Be quick to remember Him in all things. He truly is our Maker. Blessed be His name.
I love you all and don't forget to serve and help someone today! God be With You Until we meet Again.
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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