Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One Week!

Hello favorites!
There is only one week left of this transfer. I don't even understand
where the time goes. But this week has been humbling and awesome!
In recent news, our car went into the shop last Monday so we were
without a car this week. We walked everywhere. I cannot wait until
winter. After living a summer in Goose Creek (which summer doesn't
even "end" until October) winter is my favorite season. I can't wait
for blankets and blankets and layers and everything cold.
This week Sister Laker and I were praying and working so hard to find
a family of four to get baptized. And we them officially started
teaching the Cousin family. They all want to get baptized. We are so
excited. The power of Faith is real!
We've been finding like crazy. And we came across a new part member
family. They are my favorite! And because this is military and
everyone joined fresh out of high school, we have several new families
who are younger than me. But it's okay. I love working with these
people. They keep the sunshine in my life.
The lessons this week have been crazy spiritual and I know that my
mission is where Heavenly Father wants me to be. It's been worth every
Next week I will write more but I'm just the happiest missionary alive!
Send out another gratitude prayer to your Heavenly Father.
God Be With You Until We meet Again!

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