Monday, November 23, 2015

Time Flies

What a week it has been with many highlights, laughs and good things. 
Sister Simpson is great! We work so well together and we have made a lot of progress since we got put together as companions. We are laughing ALL the time. For example, leave it to me to do this. When we had transfers we got the new Christmas pass along cards for "A Savior is Born." We have been handing them out ALL week right? Well we are sitting in relief society class yesterday and I thought to myself "You know, you haven't actually read the card so maybe you should." So I did and all the cards I have been passing out are in Spanish.... For real?! I have been handing out SPANISH cards. So we had a good laugh during the lesson and plenty of face palms.
With that being said laughter just makes everything better.  Sister Simpson and I cant be taken down because we love laughing and doing missionary work SO much. We have a new investigator named Debra. She has a goal date for baptism in December. She is a very nice lady and loves what we have to share. Then Amy is progressing beautifully. She cannot wait to be baptized! Which is great because we cant wait either.
We went on two exchanges this week. I love being an STL because I get to meet more sisters and just have more fun. I got to speak Spanish on one of them. It was just great. We are focusing on obedience with everyone because its by obedience that we are blessed. Its the greatest. On the Spanish exchange, Hermana Sorensen was teaching and I was with the 4 year old who was teaching me Spanish with flashcards. I LOVE KIDS! It was the cutest.
A spiritual moment of the week was with two kids named Dustin and Ashlynn. They are teenagers and they havent been to church for a few months because they just moved here. Well we found them and shared Because He Lives and they thanked us so much for coming over. They loved it and it just made us so happy. :) 
I ALMOST FORGOT! So Sister Simpson and I are still trying to meet all the members and develope trust. So we felt super inspired to go see the Prows family one night. She is super pregnant and cant do much. Well we had a little visit and she texted us the next day asking is we could come over and help her put up Christmas decorations. UH YES! So we put up her Christmas tree and listened to Christmas music and its just so magical. I CANNOT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS! With that being said, I cant wait to put the tree up in our apartment. Pictures to come next week! But for now here are two sister missionaries under a tree and in front of it! :)
Thanksgiving is cool too so I hope everyone has a good holiday and remember its not only this day that we should be thankful. It should be everyday. But I am thankful for SO much! I'm thankful for my Savior who Lives. Im grateful for such wonderful parents. Im thankful for my mission. The list could go ON but I am thankful for the God who has given me EVERYTHING! 
I love you all :)
God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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