Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Week Gone.......

Hello everyone!
I cant believe how fast time goes. I got to play soccer last week and that was just so much fun. We also had a worldwide missionary broadcast. It was so cool to know that all missionaries everywhere were hearing the same thing and that we were gathered together over all parts of the world. We had another exchange with Ridgeway. That was an interesting exchange. The area is very barren and humbling. I can never complain about my area. Ever. Something I have learned from the past few exchanges is that companionship inventory is a real thing and it needs to be done effectively. Im so grateful for a companion that I can work effectively with. Its a blessing when you can do the work together and in unity. All of our appointments cancelled this week and I think it was such a successful week. We do all we can and it will be okay.
My biggest spiritual experience this week came from one of the most basics principles: prayer. I have felt that the last week that my prayers were just hitting the ceiling and bouncing back. I prayed harder and let my Father in Heaven know how I felt. We had a good conversation. Needless to say, I received different tender mercies the next day that gave me comfort knowing that my Father in Heaven is listening. Prayer is a necessary step in growing closer to our Father. Not only that but it is a commandment of God. We will be held accountable for the discharge of the commandments He has given us. I have a testimony of prayer. He is always listening even if we feel He is far. He is there. 
In other news of this week, 60% of our mission is getting transferred this next week. That's intense. We feel confident that we are staying in Hopkins. We also have Zone Conference this week and Elder Nielson of the Seventy will be here and my apartment is singing the musical number... in front of him and half the mission. No pressure. We are excited though. 
This gospel is true and everyone needs to come unto Christ. It simple.
And how could I almost forget! It snowed! And by snow I mean little baby flurries from the sky but we loved it. 
God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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