Monday, January 18, 2016

This Week...................

Hi everyone,
Oh my goodness this week was crazy full. So let's start off that I
love being a missionary. Sharing the gospel is the greatest thing
So this week's biggest highlight was Jeremiahs baptism. It was so
great but the day of was so crazy. So first we had our Fort Jackson
role plays and we had to teach a lesson backwards. Then we were in the
car ready to leave and Sister Simpson put a bag of sunflowers seeds on
the dashboard and I didn't know it. So I accelerated and it was a
waterfall of seeds all over our car. (Good indication of how the rest
of our day went) #facepalmsfordays Then we went to lunch. Before we
went to the church to fill the font, we were going to find but then
learned Jeremiah has no white underwear. So we called the Elders and
asked them to buy him underwear. I never thought I'd stand in a store
waiting for underwear bought by Elders. So then we start filling the
font and practicing our song. Well it had been about and hour so we
decided to check on the font. The water was freezing and stopped
filling up at a foot and a half. Panic mode! So we called the Elders
and they told us to start filling up buckets. Well we did and a whole
other story, there ended up being an overflowing bucket and water all
over the kitchen. So we went outside and called the Elders again. And
little to say, the door closed and we locked ourselves out of the
church. The Elders came to the rescue, the font was filled. Jeremiah
was baptized and confirmed. It was spiritual and great. A day I will
never forget.
On a more spiritual note, we had a regional conference that we missed
because we were at Fort Jackson. But I was so grateful because I
really needed the Sacrament. I have a testimony so strongly of how we
need the Sacrament weekly. It's a renewal and a refresher. I'm so
grateful for the Sacrament. It's amazing.
My quote of the week is by Elder Holland. He gave a talk on the
importance of the Sacrament and he said this "However dim our days may
seem they have been darker for the Savior of the world." I really
liked this because some days are just rough. But if they were rough
for the most perfect man in the world.. Why would it not be rough for
us? I know my Savior lives. I know that baptism is essential to our
salvation. I'm grateful for the gospel.
I love you all and God Be With You Until We Meet Again
Sister Jordan

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