Monday, January 11, 2016


Dear everyone,
This week was a lesson of faith, patience, and stretching. I just cant express how much I love being a missionary. There will never be words for how grateful I am to be one of His servants. 18 months is not long enough. 
This week was busy. We went to MLC, had meetings and had a Zone Meeting. I love our Zone so much. Elder Cuff is in my zone now. He is one of the Elders I came out with so it was cool to see him. We had so many spiritual lessons with Jeremiah this week. He is a good guy that grew up in a rough home. Seeing people some from broken homes just pinches a nerve in me that creates every type of emotion. I cant describe it. Even more reason of why I want to be a counselor of some type. It was good though and it was good to see him in positions of his soon to be new ward family. 
Fort Jackson was probably the highlight of my week. While driving there, I felt so sick to my stomach because its so new and intimidating. Well we walked in and we are supposed to teach the soldiers right away. I was shaking real bad. Being in front of army men and women is intimidating. It was super humbling because I thought my teaching was terrible so it makes me want to be a better teacher. And it definitely stretched me. 
This week I am so grateful for the Atonement. Repenting is the greatest gift we have because we can start fresh. Ive never been more thankful for the Sacrament than I was yesterday. I know this is Christs true church upon the earth.  I love becoming like Christ.
Go watch this bible video
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
I love you

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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