Monday, March 21, 2016

Transfers are here again! How do they happen so fast!? Well.... Sister Simpson and I are staying together! We are so excited! By the end of this  transfer, we will have been companions for 6 months! Holy guacamole. It's okay, I love her. We are also staying in Hopkins! I have the reputation of staying in areas forever. Again it's okay!
So this week was crazy. We had a mini Zone Conference and gave a 45 minute training on companionship inventory. It was the How do you give almost an hour training on that? The Spirit. While we were there and gathering back together from a role play, I noticed Sister Turner had blankets. We all know that I'm cold all the time so I ran out of the room to grab one. I come back and Sister Simpson was looking for me. She said "sight and sound." Then our mission president, looked up and said, " You can't hear her? I can." We all know I'm a loud person but having my mission president comment on it was priceless. After Zone Conference we did car inspections. Our car was grounded meaning we aren't allowed to drive our car until it gets passed on whatever it was failed on. Well the cherry on top of it all, was the Elders who inspected our car left the lights. When we came to our car to leave, it was dead. Sister Simpson looked at the elder and said "You're grounded!" So we had to wait 30 minutes for the APs to come jump our car. Leave it to an Elder to kill a car. Also, we came home and found fish and shrimp in our sink. Good one Columbia sisters. "Fishers of men." 
Before I get to the spiritual business, we had a lesson with a less active and it was just a humbling situation. We sat down and started teaching. I looked over and there was a cockroach next to me. I couldn't do a thing... And then I felt some thing on my leg and it was a roach crawling on me. I do not understand it at all. By the time I got to the car, just to hold my tongue, I just kept thinking of how grateful I am the Nevada doesn't have roaches on a normal basis.
This week we had a lesson with Dianna. We have been going over weekly and helping her learn to trust us. Oh my goodness she does! She started crying at our lesson and just poured her heart out. It was such a tender moment. We also were at the Fengers for dinner this week and we shared a poem of the Atonement. It is so good. And it puts the Atonement in perspective. It pretty much makes you weep. I only have it on a hard copy, so if you want it, see me after the mission. It will change your life. But this lesson, they were both crying and bore their testimonies on the Savior. It really made me ponder the testimony of the Savior.
The biggest tender mercy this week was Brother Woodrow. He is in our ward but is a temple sealer and the stake patriarch. He is my favorite human. Well we had a few minutes before an appointment, and we walked the temple grounds. Well he saw us standing outside and he came to the door dressed in white and told us to come in. We sat in the waiting room of the temple for a few minutes. I cannot even express how I felt. To be in a sacred building that I haven't seen the inside of in over a year was the biggest blessing. The spirit and the serenity was so reassuring. I cannot wait for the day that I get to go through the temple again. I love the temple. I love the spirit that is there and I miss going weekly. The Woodrows are the greatest. When I see them in church, I just want to be like them when I'm in my 80s. I love them.
We also bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting yesterday. Latracia didn't come to church but we are still working with her. We sure do love her! We also had two baptisms at the Fort yesterday! It was great and cold! Really I just love being a missionary. The end is coming too fast.
I know this gospel has been restored. The foundation of my testimony relays on the Book of Mormon because of its truth and witness of Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer. He lives! 
General Conference is coming up! Whoo! We get to hear from our prophet! I invite all of you to first, watch the Easter video if you haven't already. Second, go watch General Conference.
  Here are links. It's the best! And even a video to urge you to watch it more!
I love you all! God Be With You Until We Meet Again!

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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