Monday, March 14, 2016

I am a solider!! :)

Hello loved ones!
Many lessons learned this week and many that went right to the core. I will share some in a bit.
I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Henderson from Las Vegas! It was so fun to relate on a  Nevada standpoint. We had so much fun and it was great. I am constantly reminded on exchanges to be exactly obedient. Its true that exact obedience is what brings us closer to our Father in Heaven. #nevadaborn
We also were privileged to attend the Army graduation at Fort Jackson! Oh my goodness it was so much fun! The spirit is so strong when it comes to Freedom. Oh it was great and Im so proud to be an American. I love love love the principles that this country is founded upon. With that being said, one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things in the entire world, is standing with my hand over my heart, listening to the National Anthem while the flag waves. Oh it gives me goosebumps and is the greatest feeling ever! σΎ“¦
We went to a home this week and I witnessed the deterioration of respect for parents. It made me so sad. The parent is in charge. Things I have witnessed of kids and their parents....If I had talked that way to my parents, I would be in so much trouble. And now its normal. Which leads me to being grateful for The Family: A Proclamation to the World. That is the way to build a strong family who respects one another.
A very funny moment of the week was talking to the Columbia sisters about a training that Sister Simpson and I have to give on companionships. We were talking about the story of Moroni and Pahoran. If you are unsure of this story, I invite you to read in the Book of Mormon Alma chapters 59-61. Well I didnt hear the word Pahoran, I heard the word "horn" So I asked where the Moronis horn come in? You probably had to be there but we were all laughing so hard because things go right over my head.
Latracia's baptism had to be pushed back a week and when we found out it was just a rough day. We were ready to go to bed to start a new day. Well Heavenly Father is so aware of heartache that is felt. He inspired Brother Caines to send us this very needed text message. It was the perfect tender mercy and both of us just sat there with tears in our eyes. We see our Father in Heaven in the tender mercies and the details of life. I am so grateful for tender mercies.
My testimony this week is this. To be under the complete influence of the Holy Ghost is to live worthy of the Holy Ghost. We can see where we stand as we partake of the Sacrament each week. This is so important because the prayer in the sacrament promises that as we stay true to the covenants we have made, we will have the Holy Ghost with us. The feelings of the Holy Ghost is the most precious feeling. We get to learn how to recognize it. The Book of Mormon is true. I know that there is no other book that can bring us closer to God. It enlightens the soul. It brings peace. It brings reassurance. It helps us feel hope. 
Please watch the new Easter video that came out. He lives!
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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