Monday, April 4, 2016

The firework effect......

Its back! The firework effect! General Conference was this weekend and it was amazing! Let me just tell you that my favorite talk was Elder Hollands because he pretty much described what the firework effect is without calling it that. 
The firework effect is in essence the desire for General Conference to never end. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to fireworks on 4th of July and when they ended I would cry and cry because they were over. As an adult, after General Conference, I just never want it to stop.
I invite all to go watch General Conference because it will change your life!

This week was amazing! So on Monday night we had a lesson with Nita (member) and Alex(investigator). One of the most prepared people ever! We shared the Restoration and invited him to baptism. He agreed and wanted to pray about it. He knows the priesthood is real. We have been relating everything back to the priesthood. Flash forward to Thursday and we taught the Plan of Salvation. I have never had a lesson where I felt so inspired to share something than in this lesson. We got to judgement day and I felt prompted to share a story that is in Preach My Gospel. The story is about a man who saw that Heavenly Father was very proud of His son Jesus. He wanted his Father in Heaven to be that proud of him and decided to get baptized. Very moving story. Sister Simpson then bore powerful testimony of how Heavenly Father is so proud of him for his desire to find truth and be baptized. On Saturday, he told his wife Nita that getting baptized on the 23rd is what he wants. Its not just a goal anymore but that it will happen. Sister Simpson and I were excited beyond all measure. He is the way, the truth and the life.

The other very spiritual part of this week was the sacred privilege it was to clean the temple. We were assigned to help clean on Tuesday. I have never been so excited to clean. The greatest thing about the temple is that it is already clean, so by cleaning it, we just maintain the cleanliness. I love the temple so much. The blessing it is to be within those sacred walls is indescribable. I echo the words of President Russell M Nelson: "Anyone is welcome to the temple, as long as they prepare well." That preparation includes the sacred covenant of baptism and continued faithfulness. The greatest thing ever.

We went on exchanges with the Hermanas this week and I went Spanish. It is so much fun! So we were in this park walking to our appointment. I love collecting pretty leaves! So I saw this leaf and picked it up. Next thing I know I have this little girl running to me yelling at me saying, "Youre stealing my leaf! You cant take something that isnt yours." I was so thrown off that I put the leaf back and a little boy came up and said, " Since she wont let you have that one, here is this one." So cute and kind. He handed me a brown leaf. I guess there is beauty in all things and I kept the leaf. We also went to this family whose 12 year old son has low functioning autism. We sat and sang songs from Mulan. Its always a tender mercy because you can feel the Love of God flow from those who have challenges. I love them!

I bear testimony this week that President Monson is our prophet! I sustain him as prophet, seer and revelator. He is called of God to be the prophet for the world! The Holy Ghost is the way we know truth. I love this gospel and invite everyone to partake of its fruits.

God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Btdubs, they have caterpillars here! Oh its like Im a kid all over again! 

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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