Monday, April 11, 2016

"Z" is for Zoo :)

Hello everyone!
So much this week and my mission just keeps getting better and better. This week I feel like Heavenly Father just wanted to test my patience. With everything. Whats a mission without some refinement. But seriously such a good week!
So first off our golden investigator Latracia isn't making contact with us. We cant get a hold of her and Sister Simpson and I are just really sad because we love her so much! When we went on exchanges this week, Sister Lewis was in Hopkins with me. We saw so many miracles! Our evening plans had fallen through and we felt really inspired to go see a less active named Sonya (who is moving by the end of April). Well when we got there, the house looked vacant so we called her and asked if she was still there and would like a visit. She said yes to both. We went in and had a great visit and helped her out a ton. Really a tender mercy because we rarely get into this lady's house. We also had a lesson with Dianna and Bishop and his secretary came with us. Bishop share a very personal story and I now have a new level of respect for him. Another lesson learned. We dont know the stories of people we meet. 
We had the most AMAZING lesson with Alex and Nita. So Alex is on date for April 23 to be baptized. And he is so solid, he cannot wait. Well we taught them at the church about the gospel of Jesus Christ and all that it entails. We also took him into the baptismal font and he said he could feel the Spirit so strong and thought it was great. We sit back down and finish our lesson. Well that the end, he looks at us and says "Is there anyway that I can get baptized sooner?" Um.... YES! So now he is getting baptized this Saturday. I can see the change that is taking place in his life because of the gospel. Its true! Gah!
Really that's the highlight of the week. We went to the Zoo!
I want to bear my testimony this week of the prophet Joseph Smith. I want to be fully clear that he is a prophet of God. He restored the gospel to the earth. We worship Jesus Christ. He is our head and our chief cornerstone. I know the Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. This is the good news that I as a missionary get to share with the world. We have a prophet on the earth today! I love this gospel.
Really have a good week and know that God loves you. Go watch this video because its one of my new favorites!
God Be With You Until We Meet Again

Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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