Monday, April 25, 2016

Why did the Rooster cross the road?

Hello all!
This week was crazy busy. Probs the fastest week of my mission. It started out being on exchanges with Sister Wilcox! I have a very strong testimony in exchange miracles. We had a very good day of proselyting, found a new investigator and everything was just going so well. We had about 30 minutes before dinner so we went to see a former. We did not have a house number so we had to guess what house. We knocked on this door and it was not her. He was very uninterested in our message but he told us that a couple just moved in down the street so to try them. SWEET! So we walked over and lady was standing outside with her baby. She immediately asked us to come in and offered us water. We are thinking "This is great! Family to baptize and everything." We get inside she identifies herself as a member that just moved into the ward. Both her and her husband are recent converts of 5 years. Sweetest little family. But its a miracle because we didn't have records of their move in or anything yet. So really Heavenly Father just guided us to them at that moment and it was great.
We also had to take a sister to the airport. She was having medical problems and had to go home early. I want you to know, being in the airport was the saddest thing ever. She wanted to stay so bad and it was a testimony to me of what this work really is about. Im grateful for the time I have been able to serve. I surely have loved it.
We were able to go see a woman named Kim. She is a person that I have really had to learn to love. Every time we have gone over in the past, I felt like all I heard were excuses and I didnt want to hear them. Well for the past two months we have been going over weekly to serve her and help her with her home. I have made special effort to understand her so I can love her. Well this week we washed some walls and sat down and started talking. The dog was being really loud so Sister Simpson got up to keep him quiet giving me the opportunity to listen to Kim. She expressed the real reasons why she doesn't care about coming back to church and for the first time, I didn't hear an excuse, I heard concerns. I gained that love for her. I understood for a moment Christs love for all. I can just say that I love her now! She will be a person in my life forever!
We had baptism at Fort Jackson. Amazing day! It was really cool. I really don't think there wasn't anyone there that their heart strings didn't get pulled. They all came up out of the water smiling. So good. We also spoke in Sacrament meeting and it was so spiritual. I love talking about missionary work and getting members pumped for work. 
THEN! The rooster crossed the road to chase me. You guys, I cant even with things flying at me. We went to leave a note for a less active and I got out of the car and there was a rooster on the other side. You know, no big deal. I started walking towards the door of the house and that rooster charged me and flew at me. I ran and screamed. What else do you do? I got into the car and I was laughing so hard at what just happened, I was in tears. I think one of the funniest moments in our companionship. Sister Simpson took this picture right before it charged me. Good times.
So this week for my sacrament talk, I studied a lot about Peter. He is my favorite apostle. The interaction he has with the Savior after His resurrection is my favorite. Go watch this video and just feel the love of the Savior. He lives! He loves you and you and you! Feel your worth and know that you are everything to Him.
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
The Rooster
Private Morin, one of my favorites who graduates this week
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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