Monday, May 2, 2016

"We are like peas and carrots, Sister Simpson and me"

This might just be one of the most depressing emails ever so fair warning. Sister Simpson and I have literally cried every day since Friday. I am getting transferred and I am whitewash training. Meaning, I am going to an area that will be new to both myself and my trainee. With that being said, I never thought my heart would be so shattered at leaving Hopkins and more so Sister Simpson. We are two peas in a pod. Im excited to have new adventures and touch the lives of more people. BUT we ALL know how bad I am about saying goodbyes. I just cant do it. With that being said, Sister Simpson and I have started building Noahs ark because by the time Wednesday rolls around, there is gonna be a flood... of tears! It also rips your heart when the kids run to you and say "Don't go." 
That is the highlight of the week. 
In other news, we did service this week and we cut bamboo trees. I love hard labor. It was candy for me. We lifted and pulled and it was great! 
The coolest thing I have to say about Sister Simpson and our companionship is this. At the beginning of our companionship in November we wanted to exercise Faith as a Power. I prayed about a number of people to baptize before she got to Hopkins. When she came, she prayed and we both felt inspired for 3. We achieved that with Amy, Jeremiah and Alex. It was the best blessing. 
I want to bear testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. I was told this week that Mormons do not believe in the same Christ that the rest of the world does. Let me be very clear that the Jesus Christ we believe in, is the same. He was born to Mary, He suffered and died for every one of our sins, afflictions and troubles. He was resurrected and rose on the third day. Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten of the Father. And it is ONLY through Him can we enter back into our Fathers presence. I know my Savior Lives. 
Go see and what we truly believe. If you have doubts, go to someone who actually practices the religion. Read about what we believe.
God Be With You Until We Meet Again
P.S. I love Sister Simpson. UGH!
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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