Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week was one to remember. Half way through the week I got super sick so I was in bed most of the day on Thursday. I felt so bad for my companion because she had to stay with me. It was absolutely terrible not being able to be out proselyting. So that was great.
We went and taught Sister Pryor who practically lives with lizards because there are so many in her yard. I think she was a little mortified when I had Sister Regen take this photo. What can I say? I love lizards.
Also I cant believe that over the last 2 months Ive failed to neglect to tell you all that we were putting together and Open House and devotional for the community. We have been working so hard on it and I just cant fathom how I didnt tell you! Anyways it was Saturday, it turned out great! The Spirit was so present and I guess now it is being reported to the Presidency of the Seventy to be used as a template for all Southern missions of the United States. No pressure or anything. 
I feel that Ive had a unique week. I dont even know how to describe it. During training on Saturday, it became very emotional for me on how important the Spirit is. I really focused on listening to the still small voice and I saw such a difference in how I was teaching. I really wish I could express how my heart felt during this experience but I cant think of words to describe it. Its different for all of us.
We taught Tristalee and Jordyn as well and they are very dear to my heart. We taught them the Restoration and about Joseph Smith. Jordyn is funny. She just looks at her mom and says, "Well, I want to be baptized Mormon." Little children understand the gospel so much more than we think they do. They truly are precious in His eyes. They also came to church yesterday and it was perfect because we had our Easter Program. Little kids who sing about Jesus being our Lord and Redeemer bring tears to my eyes. It was bseautiful. 
Last but not least is that General Conference is coming up soon. For all of you who dont know what this is, this is a event that happens twice a year. It is an opportunity to listen to our current, living prophet President Monson and many other general authorities of the church. I love this time of year. Ive been pondering questions that I have about life that I can bring with me as I listen to General Conference. I have a testimony and a promise to you all, that those who have questions can have them answered at General Conference. I invite those who are members to attend, watch or listen to General Conference and come with a question of your soul. I invited those who are not members to come with a question anyways and see what General Conference is. It is a time for God to talk to His children! 
I know with every fiber of my being that the church is true; it is real. I know we have been blessed to live at this time. I love this gospel with all my heart. I would not be where I am today without it.
I love you all, I pray your take consideration of my words. I know they are true and you can as well. God Be With You Until We Meet Again.
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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