Monday, March 16, 2015

Dear loved ones,
I cannot even believe how much has happened in the last 7 days. It feels like a novel to explain but I will tell you because its amazing. First, shout out to Linnae Ruesch for having the activity day girls write letters. I love them. Also to the Weckerly family for writing a bunch of letters as well. I appreciated them so much. So funny story of the week. Keep in mind as I tell this, I LOVE LIZARDS. So Sister Regen and on Friday went to get the mail. I cant even tell you what was wrong but it was one of those days you just wanted to cry for no reason. So Sister Regen in her wisdom says "Just focus on the small tender mercies Heavenly Father shows you." Lets just say, He has a sense of humor. I looked up and said "Yeah youre SO right." And then I look down and see a lizard that has been squished by a car. It was so funny that I cried so hard. I was on the ground in the parking lot laughing because of it. Maybe you had to be there but just imagine me sitting on the ground, laughing and crying because of a lizard. Anyways I love Gods creatures. We also met a very angry turtle that lunged at us. It was the most hideous turtle Ive ever seen. 

So this week we went to Sumter for a mission tour and to hear from Elder Kopischke of the Seventy. I learned several valuable life lessons that day. One of the biggest lessons was to always have a question when going to meetings. Any type of meeting, always have a soul searching question and you will get and answer from above. Ive been asking question all week and receiving personal revelation for them. I know Heavenly Father talks to all His children. My testimony regarding this has been strengthened more than ever before. At this meeting I was able to see my girls from the MTC so that was a tender mercy by itself. This tour was definitely a moment in time where I could feel the chastisement from God. We as a mission definitely learned we need to do better and to be more obedient. Sister Regen and I talked for days on this and we decided to obey with exactness. When you are on a mission, sure you obey all the "Big" rules but there are so many little ones that you can rationalize and it definitely makes an impact on your mission. For example, we are supposed to wash our cars every Monday. Mission Rule. I can say that we have not washed our car every Monday. Small rules may seem very frivolous but they end up making the difference. Obey with exactness.

While in this mission tour, I realized how much knowledge I really lack about the Savior's earthly life. I know the general stuff but this week Ive been reading the New Testament and I have such a testimony of His life. I know my Savior lives. There is something that we can learn from every word, sermon or miracle He gave. I love my Savior.

I love people. In case you didnt know that about me, I love people. I think that's why I dont talk about specific people much is because I love them all so I really dont know who to choose to talk about. We taught a member family last night: The Russon family. Their little girl Wrenley is adorable. She loves me and teaches me every time I see her about princesses and flowers. I always leave with a picture. We got to see Robin who is struggling. She is such a wonderful lady and has so much in store for her. She is a blessing to my life. We got to see Sister Morrison this week who is 90 years old and gets around like she is 40. Nothing stops her. When we left, she told us "Tell your beautiful mothers that if I had daughters I would want two exactly like you two." She is the best!
Sorry this was a long email but its been such a blessed week. I finished reading the Book of Mormon again. Ive never had such a solid knowledge in a book ever before. I was fortunate enough to have a testimony of this book when I was young because my father read it with me. I will never be able to repay him for that. My challenge for members of church this week is to read from the Book of Mormon every single day. And then keep going. My challenge for non members is to go find a Book of Mormon and read the Introduction page and ponder how you feel afterwards. I love this gospel so much. I love you all so much and God be With you Until we Meet Again.
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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