Monday, March 9, 2015

Wonderful people of my life,
How goes it? It is wonderful here in South Carolina. If you haven't seen the picture... Guess what I found this week? A FROG! I love frogs and I took about 50 pictures of the little guy. That was probably the highlight of my week beside the work of course. I might even add that Sister Regen and I saved his life because he couldnt find any water. So he was a little dry but with my frog skills he lived :) 
So we moved apartments and it is wonderful. So much room and no cockroaches. Im in heaven. We have had an interesting week and date lights savings time does not help. We planned and we laughed because we have SO MUCH to get done. Good thing we have a loving Heavenly Father to help us. We also live in the same complex that the couple missionaries live in too. Sister Petersen is the BEST. She is the grandma of our mission and is so dear. I love her. AND she has offered to do our laundry so we dont  have to pay for it anymore. SO BLESSED.
So we were actually able to teach so many people this week despite our lack of time due to moving and updating all of Goose Creek. We taught Danny who is an alcoholic. When we met with him, we told him flat out to stop. Cold Turkey. And he hasnt had a drink since we last met with him which was Thursday. So thats progress! We also met with our dear sweet Olivia. She is 11 and so mature and intelligent for her age that when I talk with her, I almost forget that Im an adult and shes a child because she teaches me so much. Her home life is hard because her dad is in rehab and her mom is never home. But she loves her family. We love teaching her. Since we took over the area we also taught Sister Pryor and Carri this week. We knew them from seeing them at church but not we actually get to know them! Sister Pryor is amazing. Carri she suffers from an anxiety disorder and is currently in the middle of a divorce. But she has such a strong testimony of the gospel. She shows such faith and is such an example to me. We saw the Mannings who are a family that got baptized right before I showed up. They are super excited to go the temple and we love working with them. We are currently working with the Rice family who are investigators. They are progressing so well and we are praying to have a baptismal date set for them at the beginning of April. We also have set a date for Damien and Aidien who are 12 year olds and we are so excited.
I cant even express how much I love this work. I love reading the Book of Mormon and learning more about the doctrine of Christ. My testimony has grown so much. I love Christ and know through Him we can recieve full blessings from our Heavenly Father. I know I said this last week as well but its needed to be said again. The experiences this week have shown me more how grateful I am to have parents who love and support me. I cant ever repay them for the life they have given me. I am truly blessed and will forever be thankful. It also fills my heart with gratitude knowing that I can be with them forever. 
I love this gospel and I know my Savior lives. My challenge for the week for all you is to say another prayer of gratitude. Nothing except what you are grateful for.
God be with you Until we meet Again.
P.S. My frog is beautiful
Pray always,
Sister Jordan

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